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I'm aweful, as in "Full of Life" and "Full of Joy". You may call me awe or aweful.

The aweful Morning Show is the voice for the learning community that I created. I’ve organized virtual events for the community for over a year. It started as a community of software developers and aspiring developers. That series of events is called the Teach Your Peers Series. The format for the morning show is different. This will be a conversation.

Centenarian Fun is the learning community. We view learning as a core part of the human experience. And the culmination of the learning process is teaching what has been learned.

Each 1 Teach 1. - Tupac Shakur
Teach What’s Been Taught. - Young Thug

Those are two Hip-Hop Axioms that I use to encourage community members to share their learning journey with others.

I’d like to invite you to participate in the Learning Community. I may have reached out to you or maybe you found this page on your own. I'm glad you're here.
You could be a regular on the show, similar to a correspondent on a radio show or television show. Individuals on radio and tv shows that do this often focus on specific topics or subjects and take titles that communicate that, like ‘Sports Correspondent’ or ‘Political …’.

I know that you may have experience in

  • health
  • education
  • politics
  • Hip-Hop
  • music
  • business
  • etc.

You’re welcome to only discuss topics in that realm.
You’re also free to explore other areas.

It’s up to you how often you participate. The goal is to invite people that want to teach the community and have a way for the community to show their appreciation by patronizing their business. The goal is for the dollar to circulate within the community before exiting the community.

The topic or subject of your teaching is up to you. The length of the lesson depends on you. The goal is for us to have a conversation and the community to learn from the conversation. The conversations will be recorded and edited for community members to view for free. The show is modeled after the morning show format or late night talk show format. The length of the conversations may vary depending on the interest of the participants (you included) and your schedule.

I hope this is of interest to you. I look forward to our first conversation.

Spread Love.

It’s The Hip-Hop Way ™ 


awe ful

The hard part is making it to the race.