The Peanut Plug: The Towanda Conversation #ItWasMeantToShapeYou. 20211102

My brother arranged this conversation with Towanda Paige-Strange.

Checkout her businesses and social media below:

Towanda's an entrepreneur of multiple successful businesses. She shares info about the services she provides, tax help, business incorporation, and food truck as The Peanut Plug. Check her out if you're in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Call her at +1561.563.5758.

Have you had neckbones with peanuts?

Towanda thinks you should.

You may find more about the show and our projects at

The title is my brother's idea. He believes that everything you go through is meant to shape you as a person, household, and a community. Listen to our conversations to learn how our experiences have shaped us.

Share how your experiences have shaped you into the amazing person you are today! Use the hash tag #ItWasMeantToShapeYou.




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