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Lito Duwop Conversation: Music & Fashion 20211112 10:55

My brother arranged this conversation with Lito Duwop, one of his students.

Lito Duwop is a music artist with a fashion line coming this summer.

He'll be coming home soon.

For years, I'd been recording our conversations to save for my memories. I didn't have his permission originally. I didn't think it was a big deal to record him without his permission because the government had been recording our conversations already.

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The title is my brother's idea. He believes that everything you go through is meant to shape you as a person, household, and a community. Listen to our conversations to learn how our experiences have shaped us.

Share how your experiences have shaped you into the amazing person you are today! Use the hash tag #ItWasMeantToShapeYou.



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