Feds Unlawfully Convict Man for Kidnapping WITH No Victim. 20211209 Precise Bey. #ItWasMeantToShapeYou: Life Sentence. Wrongfully Accused. Justice Reform.

My brother arranged this conversation with Akin Sean El Precise Bey.

Precise Bey shares the details of his case that resulted in him being sentenced to life in federal prison for a crime he didn't commit during our conversation. This is part one of the conversation. He describes a public defender that encouraged him to plead guilty before asking if he was innocent. He describes his surprise, as a 6'5" human being, when he learned the persons the police were looking for are 5'10".

Message directly from Precise Bey:

Reach out to me Sharing info to overturn my case... Such as:

What's makes Kidnapping Federal?  The victim Did not cross state lines

Inconsistent and False Statements By Detectives

Tampering with evidence

Invalid Warrants: Alleged Crime happen in North Carolina

All warrants were written after Warrantless arrest, and all Headlined with The District of NEW YORK and Changed and Filed the next day May 7th, 2015 to The District of North Carolina.

Is there a way we can do questions and answers? Like you ask the question for the people give it that type of dialogue it may take a couple times to get all done. I also want to have mentioned with mines OTHER cases of Kidnappings where an actual Victim Identified and Testified against the people who kidnapped them... For the most part, as well crime more harsh and Suspects got less then life....

Feds Unlawfully Convict Man for Kidnapping WITH No Victim, Who Described Man or Testified on Man Saying he was the one Who Kidnapped Him.... Man Given A Life Sentence


End of message from Precise Bey.

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