2Pac: Celebrate The MC

Celebrating the many ways emcees impact our lives. This first celebration is for 2Pac aka Tupac Shakur. I was introduced to 'Pac via a mixtape my older brother brought home one day after school. The song's called Souljas Story.

The emcee we celebrate will change. The game will remain the same.

I created this page for more than one purpose.

I want to share my appreciation for one of my favorite artists.

I want to show others how to use new tools to grow their brand. There are many amazing tools that allow individuals to create products and brands that are on par with larger organizations. We now have the opportunity to do what traditional media. For instance, creating a tv channel to schedule content or set up ondemand content. I recommend doing this without someone else's branding on your content, ie YouTube. I'll share alternatives to YouTube and other streaming sites soon. The tool I'm using to set up this ondemand playlist is called Viloud.

You may use this referral link to learn more about Viloud and setup your own channels.

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